IE9 and popup windows

I like the new IE9 – but the other day I noticed that the popup windows on one of the sites weren’t resizing properly. Eventually after a lot of head scratching I discovered that the standard way of determining a non-ie browser

if( typeof( window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) {
    myWidth = window.innerWidth;
    myHeight = window.innerHeight;
} elseif (.....
    //ie browsers use resizeTo

was also catching ie9 in strict mode. So IE9 uses the innerWidth property, but just to make life difficult it’s a READ ONLY property!!!!!!! So the window doesn’t resize.

Rather than try to detect ie9 directly I just put in a quick and dirty check to see if the innerWidth had be changed, if not used the resizeTo method. This worked in ie9 just fine.

Better check all the other browsers I thought – well blow me. Chrome 11 didn’t resize either! Problem there turned out to be that it did change the innerWidth as directed, but that doesn’t resize the window – it uses outerWidth for that.

This was rapidly becoming a mess – so I decided to see what happened if I just used resizeTo for all browsers, and guess what it worked – well sort of. They all resized to pretty much the right size, some a few pixels more or less, but by adding a bit extra (and a margin:auto) they all looked OK.

You can see the result on the Darwoods website, with the pictures on the property detail pages.

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